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Decimal operations review packet

The following summer packet has notes to help you review a topic followed by questions relating to that topic. Use the notes to help you answer the questions. ... Decimal Operations. Addition and Subtraction: Line up decimal points under one another. If a number is missing a decimal point, put one after the number.

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IV. Decimals - You should have the following skills with decimals: Recognize the value of each place in the number. Be able to name decimal numbers accurately. Round decimals accurately. Add, subtract, multiply and divide (to 3 decimal places). Solve application problems involving decimals. 53. What place value does 3 have in 0.693? 54.

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This math worksheet offers practice multiplying whole numbers by decimals. Rounding decimals Skill: Decimals to the nearest tenth. Up or down. If the second decimal place is a 5, you round up the first decimal place to the next larger number. This math worksheet gives your fifth grader practice rounding decimals to the nearest tenth.

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Decimal to Fraction To convert a decimal to a fraction - write it like you say it, then simplify, if needed. .7 "seven tenths" 10 7 4.28 "four and twenty eight hundredths" 4 100 28 = 4 7 25 Decimal to Percent To convert a decimal to a percent - move the decimal point two places to the RIGHT and add a percent sign.

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Rising 5th Grade Math Summer Review Packet HELPFUL HINTS (please keep these in mind as you work through this packet): When adding and subtracting whole numbers or decimals, line up the place values. When adding or subtracting fractions, keep the denominator the same and add the numerators.

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